5 Benefits of Sharbati Atta

Sharbati Atta Description

Sharbati Atta is a regional variety of atta, derived from the wheat grown in Shehore and Vidisha. It is also known as MP wheat and is sweeter in taste and better in texture. Its grains are bigger in size and have a golden sheen to them. DeshiAnn introduces its latest variety of homegrown healthy grains. This category of wheat has the maximum benefits.

An amazing fact about Sharbati atta is that drought brings out the best quality in this wheat. This wheat belongs to the Triticum Aestivum family. The region in which we grow Sharbati wheat, are not necessary to have an organised, large scale cultivation of this crop. Being rain water irrigated, the soil for Sharbati wheat is high in potash content and low in humidity. This results in increasing the protein content of the wheat by almost 2% more as compared to the normal wheat atta. This also leads to Sharbati wheat crop skipping the requirement of pesticides being used. Hence, the flour from sharbati wheat crop undoubtedly qualifies as a better flour over the rest.

It is highly nutritious and per 30 grams contains around:

  • 113 Calories,
  • Fat (1 gram),
  • Carbohydrates (21 grams including dietary fiber),
  • Protein (5 grams),
  • Calcium (40 mg) and
  • Iron (0.9 mg).

The dough is little dry and requires more water to be kneaded and thus the chapatis made are softer and fluffier. This is one of the major reasons why it is preferred over normal wheat atta. Further, it is highly rich in nutrients like Magnesium, Selenium, Calcium, Zinc and multi vitamins. This makes it a must have in the diet for the health conscious people. Now let’s see the amazing benefits of Sharbati Atta.

Health Benefits of Sharbati Atta

Sharbati Atta is made with one of the finest wheats of India, the MP Wheat. It is full of nutrition and provides us with a promise of good and optimal health. It is a rich source of Magnesium and when we consume it, it aids more than 300 enzymes in the body to use insulin and glucose secretion. Consequently, this helps in blood sugar control. Sharbati Gehu or MP Wheat Atta, therefore, is a safe gehu to intake, for Type 2 diabetics patients. MP Wheat grains contain Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and Zinc which fight skin problems like acne, tanning and skin cancer. Being a good source of Fiber, it aids in healthy and proper digestion of food. This consequently leads to toxins being expelled regularly and helps in maintaining a  smooth and problem free skin. Also, it has various other amazing health benefits that are listed below:

Rich Source of Vitamin B and E

It contains ample amounts of Vitamins B and E and thus, aids in the growth of red blood cells, boosts energy levels, improves eye-sight, digestion and cardiovascular health.


Sharbati Atta is gluten-free which makes it an excellent source of energy for gluten-intolerant people. As it is gluten-free, it can easily be consumed by diabetic people as well.

Good for Bones

It contains Calcium and Magnesium which are responsible for maintaining the bone and muscle health. Thus, it helps in improving the bone health and providing strength to them.

Regulates Metabolism

Being a rich source of Vitamin B1, it helps in regulating metabolism. Also, it provides the adequate amount of stamina to our body so that we can perform our daily tasks optimally.

Prevents Anemia

Sharbati Atta is highly rich in Iron and other micronutrients which help in increasing the red blood cell count and hence, prevents anemia.

Healthy Recipes of Sharbati Atta

Sharbati Atta is primarily used in various parts of India because of the health benefits offered by sharbati atta and its sweeter taste, and so, here we present the 2 most common recipes of Sharbati Atta:

Sharbati Atta Roti

We make this roti by using Sharbati Atta dough. The roti is highly nutritious and we can consume it in any meal either it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

Sharbati Atta Bread

We prepare this recipe with Sharbati Atta, yeast, salt, sugar, milk and butter. We first prepare the dough by mixing all the ingredients and then baking in a pre-heated oven. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

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