5 Benefits of Kathiya Daliya

Kathiya Daliya Description

Kathiya Daliya is made with Kathiya Gehu or durum wheat, grown in the Bundelkhand region of the country. Durum wheat is one of the hardest wheat known to mankind. The kernels of this wheat are larger and amber-coloured as compared to others. It is one of the most cultivated wheat species after common wheat. It is also known as red wheat dalia and is primarily used in the manufacturing of Macaroni. This is the major reason for its increasing demand in the International Market.

Kathiya Daliya is highly nutritious and contains various micronutrients required by our body for overall growth and development. It contains: Vitamin A, B and E, Protein, Beta Carotene, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Copper and high Dietary Fiber contents. It provides ample amounts of nutrition single handedly, i.e., without the help of any other ingredient in its recipes. All these properties of Kathiya Daliya make it a healthier and wiser choice for the health conscious people.

This variety of wheat absorbs more water while kneading than normal wheat and this makes rotis light, fluffy and yummy. Its high fiber content helps in maintaining healthy digestive system and prevents constipation. The daliya grains are light and easy to chew which makes it easier for consumption by people of all age groups. Now, let us see some of the health benefits of Kathiya Daliya which make it a must have in our diets.  

Health Benefits of Kathiya Daliya

Kathiya Daliya is made from the hardest wheat of all times. But, the fact that it is highly packed with nutrition remains intact. It has high amounts of Protein which helps in weight management. Being a rich source of fiber, it helps in keeping us away from heart diseases and also maintains healthy blood sugar level. It is a good choice for gluten intolerant people. It has almost zero fat content and thus, prevents the growth of bad cholesterol in our body. Further, there are tons of mind blowing health benefits of Kathiya Daliya and here are some of the most promising ones:

Good for Digestive System

Kathiya Daliya, being rich in dietary fibers, helps in preventing constipation. It is easy to digest and allows the bowels to function properly. It also helps in preventing colon inflammation and cancer. Thus, it helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Immunity Booster

Nutrients and Minerals like Vitamin B, Calcium and Zinc present in Kathiya Daliya provides us energy and stamina to fight various diseases. Hence, it results in boosting the immunity of our body.


It is non-glutinous and therefore, is highly recommended for gluten intolerant people and with Type-2 Diabetes patients.

Improves Blood Circulation in Body

Being rich in Iron, it helps in maintaining a good blood circulation in body and promotes the growth of red blood cells. This also helps in improving the ability of blood to carry oxygen to various parts of the body.

Regulates Our Metabolism

The high Protein content of Kathiya Daliya provides energy and stamina to the body which results in regulating our metabolism. Thus, it will make sure that all the functions of our body are working optimally.

Healthy Recipes of Kathiya Daliya

Kathiya Daliya is among the most prominent forms of wheat that Indians use because it is packed with nutrition and provides a wholesome diet, and so, here we present the 2 Most Common Recipes of Kathiya Dalia:-

Cooked Kathiya Daliya

We make it by boiling the daliya on medium flame for about 8-10 minutes. Then we can add milk and sugar according to taste or tadka in boiled dalia to eat it in salty form. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

Kathiya Daliya Khichdi

We can make this recipe by boiling Kathiya Daliya with Moong Daal, turmeric and salt, then adding tadka to it. Further, we can add some veggies to make it much tastier than before. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

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