6 Benefits of Sorghum Millet

Sorghum Millet Description

Sorghum Millet, commonly called Sorghumand also known as Great Millet, Indian MilletDurraJowari / Jowar, or Milo, is a grass species cultivated for its grain, which is used as food for humans, animal feed, and ethanol production. It is one of the most popular and ancient grains that is consumed by people across the country. Because of the multiple health benefits of Sorghum, it’s demand is increasing day by day.

Sorghum or Jowar is one of the most important millets in terms of health and nutrition. It contains Protein (10 grams), Carbohydrates (69 grams), Fat (3 grams), Fiber (6 grams), Vitamin B1 (26% of the DV), Vitamin B2 (7% of the DV), Vitamin B5 (7% of the DV), Vitamin B6 (25% of the DV), Copper(30%of the DV), Iron (18% of the DV), Magnesium (37% of the DV), Phosphorus (22% of the DV), Potassium (7% of the DV) and Zinc(14% of the DV).

Sorghum is highly nutritious and non-glutinous. Its various nutrients help to regulate metabolism, enhance skin and hair health and produce ample amount of energy in the body. It is a well-known antioxidant which helps in the reduction of inflammation in the body. Further, it also helps in preventing cardiac diseases and maintains a healthy blood glucose level. Now, let’s see some magical benefits of Sorghum

Health Benefits of Sorghum Millet

Sorghum is just a name for one of the most popular and nutritious millets, i.e., Jowar. It is power packed with thousands of mineral, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the growth and development of our body. From maintaining cardiac health to preventing gain in weight and from being a high protein compound to a high dietary fiber compound, Jowar finds its way in all the directions. Therefore, it is rightly called as a powerful grain that if included in diet, will fulfill the basic requirements of our body. So, here we are presenting some more indispensable and amazing benefits of Sorghum or Jowar:

Maintains Digestive Health

Being rich in fiber, sorghum helps in preventing risk of obesity and digestive problems. Hence, consuming it will help in protecting us from intestinal diseases, ulcers and colon cancer.

Gluten-Free Millet

Sorghum is gluten-free and is excellent for gluten-intolerant people. It has been found to be an excellent substitute for normal wheat for people that are both gluten intolerant and type-2 Diabetics, or are deciding to enjoy a gluten-free diet.

Promotes Bone Health

Sorghum is highly rich in Magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that helps our bodies retain the right levels of Calcium. Thus, including jowar in our diet will keep our bones strong and will help us prevent the more severe bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Lowers the Bad Cholesterol

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) present in Sorghum Millet helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and maintaining healthy energy levels. It prevents the deposition of unhealthy fat in our body and protects us from obesity and other weight related problems.

Aids in Blood Circulation

The high Iron content of Sorghum helps in optimal blood circulation in the body. It enhances the oxygen carrying capacity of Red Blood Cells and make sure that it reaches each and every part of our body. Further, it helps in reducing cramps.

A Great Source of Antioxidants

Apart from being rich in many minerals and vitamins, Jowar is also rich in antioxidants. It is a very popular and well known source of antioxidants. These antioxidants are responsible for fighting free radicals while protecting and regenerating damaged cells.

Healthy Recipes of Sorghum Millet

Sorghum or Jowar is one of the most commonly used millets in India and so, here we present the 5 Most Loved Recipes of Sorghum or Jowar:

Jowar Khichdi

We cook it with sorghum and desired vegetables. The recipe is light and can be consumed in any sort of meal. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

Jowar Roti

We prepare it with powdered jowar. Firstly, we prepare the dough like that of a normal roti and then make it on a tava to get roti like texture. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

Jowar Idli

For this, you require fermented sorghum batter and then steaming the batter in idli moulds. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

Jowar Dosa

We make it with the same batter as that of idli. The procedure is same as rava or rice dosa. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

Jowar Upma

We can make it either with the powdered jowar or in grain form. It is highly nutritious and we can include it in any meal of the day. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

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