5 Benefits of Arhar Daal

Arhar Daal Description

Arhar Daal, also known as Pigeon Pea, Toor Daal or Red Gram, is one of the most commonly used pulses among Indian Households. It is one of the major sources of protein. Arhar daal is very nutritious and so after cooking without spices, the water present above the daal can be filtered and given to infants above 8 months. It is widely cultivated in the farms of India. It is the most consumed pulse by the people all over the country. That’s the major reason why it finds its way in every region of the country and is cooked in multiple ways, under different names. There are humongous benefits of Arhar Daal that makes it a must have for people of all age groups.

It is one of the most nutritious pulses and per 100 grams contains: Energy (187 Kcal), Fat (3.08 grams), Carbohydrates (29.76 grams), Sugar(1.21 grams), Fiber (14.3 grams), Protein (11.42 grams), Sodium (273 mg), Potassium (532 mg) and Cholesterol (5 mg). It is one of the richest sources of Protein that are known to mankind.

Thus, it is evident that Arhar Daal is loaded with nutrients required in day to day life and helps in maintaining a healthy and active life style. Being a rich source of Protein, it becomes a must-include pulse in the diet of vegetarians. It fits perfectly with any balanced diet plan and has numerous long-lasting health benefits for people of any age group. It is the mainstay in the daily food items of Indians because of the nutrition it serves.

Health Benefits of Arhar Daal

Arhar Daal is one of the oldest and widely used pulses. People across the world are aware of its amazing and healthy benefits. It is packed with some of the most essential nutrients that are required by our body in day to day life. Proteins are the building blocks of the human body, and arhar daal is an excellent protein source for vegetarians. Also, it is a good source of calcium and magnesium that keeps various systems of our body healthy. Thus, here we are presenting some of the golden benefits of Arhar daal:

A High Fiber Pulse

Fiber is the most important ingredient in our food that maintains the optimal health of our digestive system. Arhar Daal has a high dietary fiber content which keeps check on our gut health. Along with this, it helps us to remain satiated for longer and thus, helps in losing weight.

Keeps Bones Strong and Healthy

There is a wide range of food items that contain huge amounts of Phosphorous and other nutrients that help in maintaining strong bones. And Arhar Daal, being a topmost item in that list, aids in the building of strong bones and teeth.

An Immunity Booster

Toor Daal is high in Magnesium content. Magnesium containing food items are highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists to the people with weak immunity. Since Arhar Daal has the ability to boost immunity, it is consumed by all such health conscious people.

Maintains a Healthy Heart

The various nutrients present in Arhar Daal helps in keeping our cardiovascular system healthy. It helps in preventing the various cardiac diseases that have the threat to our life.

Regulates Metabolism

Vitamin B-complex in toor daal is an essential nutrient that keeps our metabolism rate in a healthy range. Besides, the Niacin in toor daal helps in maintaining healthy skin. 

Healthy Recipes of Arhar Daal

Arhar Daal is one of the primary pulses used in Indian Households because of its multiple health benefits. Here are the 3 Most Common Recipes of Arhar or Toor Daal:-

Cooked Arhar Daal

We cook it by soaking arhar daal in water and then boiling it for 10 minutes after adding salt and turmeric. Further, we can add Tadka of Spices to make it tastier. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

Arhar Daal Paratha

Firstly, we cook the daal with above procedure and then mash it in wheat flour to prepare the dough. Then, we cook the parathas just like normal wheat flour parathas. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:


We cook Sambhar by boiling the Arhar daal and then adding some vegetables to it for taste. Finally, we add tadka of black mustard seeds and curry leaves to give it a characteristic taste and aroma. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

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