5 Benefits of Black Mustard Oil

Black Mustard Oil Description

Black Mustard or Brassica Nigra is an annual plant cultivated for its black or dark brown seeds which are primarily used for extraction of oil, known as Black Mustard Oil. People across almost all-over the world use the black mustard oil on the daily basis because it offers various health benefits along with a characteristic taste. Many farms of India cultivate the mustard and grind its seeds to extract the black mustard oil.

Though Black Mustard Oil or Sarso Tel contains various types of Fats only, it beneficial in many aspects of health and nutrition. It contains Potassium (738 gram), Vitamin E (31.10 of DV), Fat (100 grams), Fiber (0.0 gram), Calcium (266 mg), Iron (9.2 mg) and Energy (124 Kcal). Thus, people consider it as one of the finest oils that comes with tons of nutrients we keep searching for our good health.

Since ancient times, black mustard oil is used to soothe colds, coughs and other respiratory problems and allergies. Along with this, it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-carcinogenic properties. Researchers also consider it as an immunity booster and a stimulant that stimulate our sweat glands, thereby improving blood circulation throughout the body. Hence, we can conclude that it is one of the most nurturing oils present in the world. Now, let us see some of the health benefits of Black Mustard Oil.

Health Benefits of Black Mustard Oil

Since ages, black mustard oil is known to serve multiple purposes that benefit the people in most efficient way. It is highly packed with essential nutrients and minerals that are required for our growth. The amounts of Calcium and Iron present in it provide us stamina and an ability to fight various diseases. Further, it has all the necessary fats that are required by our body. Along with this, it acts as a perfect lubricant for our joints. Hence, we can call it a Magical Oil which can heal various malfunctions of our body. To prove this point, here we are presenting some of the amazing health benefits of black mustard oil:

Lowers the Risk of Cardiac Diseases

Being low in saturated fatty acid, black mustard oil promotes health by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and Myocardial Infarction. People over the world use it since ancient times because it keeps our heart healthy.

Provides Relief from Cough and Cold

It is very common to get infected by seasonal viral infections and suffer from common cold, cough and congestion. Black Mustard Oil provides relief from cough and cold and also lessens congestion when applied on chest, after heating with some garlic cloves.

Make Red Blood Cells Healthy

Looking for multiple supplements that will help in increasing the red blood cell count is quite a hectic task. To overcome this problem, why don’t we look up to something that is easy to consume and is cost effective as well. Mustard Oil, being a rich source of all major fats required by our body, provides strength to the red blood cells and regulates the blood flow in our body.

Relieves Joint Pain

A regular massage with Black Mustard Oil helps in reducing joint and muscle pain. It also provides instant relief from pains that people suffer from in old ages. It is the major reason why doctors recommend it for arthritis patients.

Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Level

The considerable amount of Vitamin E present in Black Mustard Oil helps in reducing diabetic hazards and maintains healthy insulin levels. Thus, it is highly recommended for people with type-2 diabetes.

Healthy Recipes of Black Mustard Oil

Black Mustard Oil or Sarso Tel is the most common used oil in the Indian Households, and so, here we present the 3 Most Popular Recipes of Black Mustard Oil:


We primarily useBlack Mustard Oil while making almost all sorts of pickles known to the human beings. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

Vegetables with or without Gravy

We can make any vegetable, paneer or non-vegetarian dishes with the black mustard oil as it has a characteristic taste and enhances the flavor of recipe. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:


Black Mustard Oil is popular for cooking legumes like Chola and Rajma with as these dishes get a special flavor when we cook them with black mustard oil. Also, for complete recipe, visit the video link below:

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